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A stunning minimalist design

With a stunning minimalist design, Facet is the monolithic shape designed to become an icon.


Straight edges.

Solid brass 4 mm plate (others on request).

Handmade patinas & finishes.

Different sizes available: 84 x 84 mm, 84 x 124 mm, 84 x 155 mm, 84 x 226 mm,

Vertical or horizontal installation.

1 to 6 Push-Buttons per box.

Customization of switch plates, buttons, levers, mechanisms, engravings and finishings.

LED in option.

International standard sockets.

Buttons & Levers

Buttons and Push-buttons are available in 3 designs (led in option):

  • Small Square Button.
  • Large Square Button.
  • Small Round Button.

4 Shapes of levers are also available (led in option):

  • Water Drop.
  • Tube.
  • Cone.
  • Striated Cone.

Handmade patinas and finishes available

LB Brush. Brass

LM Mirror Brass

OR Golden

LS Matte brass

VO Old Gold

BL Light Bronze

BM Mid Bronze

BZ Matte Bronze

BR Black Patina

CF Gun Metal

NN Mirror Black

NB Brush. Nickel

NM Mirror Nickel

NS Matte Nickel

CH Mirror Chrome

AV Old Silver

RO Brush. Copper

RV Old Copper

Multiple combinations

Buttons, levers, switches, commands and many other functions are available.

NOOR - Combinaisons Multiples
KNX Technology

Full KNX compatibility

Directly KNX compatible*Many mechanisms available (USB, HDMI, RJ, thermostat, sensor, etc.)

Available options for automation:

  • Pushbuttons in ULV (ultra low voltage), potential-free contacts, compatible with all systems from 0 to 230V – screws terminals.
  • KNX interfaces with LEDs and temperature and humidity sensor – quick wiring…
  • PCB circuit with LEDS, proximity sensor – quick wiring.
  • Custom-made developments.
  • Classic installation (220V).
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