N° 25 Q. I Sidi Ghanem, 40.000 Marrakech - Morocco



JOYZK is a company that was born out of the consortium of two Belgian companies, CEA and PlanLUMIERE. We are on a mission to provide quality brands of interior outlets, switches and electrical equipment while ensuring an exceptional knowledge of good lighting to meet the needs of our customers.

CEA: Lighting Design Automation: is a Belgian company operating for several years on the Moroccan lighting market. CEA began its activity in the design of lighting management system “automation” and specialized in the development of design products (home automation equipment) tailored with refined care and attention in Belgium.

JOYZK works with PLANLUMIERE to ensure quality, refinement and innovation. The working philosophy of the Belgian company planLUMIERE lies in its know-how. planLumiere offers its customers an irreproachable aesthetic; a scenography concept adapted not only to the needs of quantity and implementation, but also to the performance and design of architectural concepts.

Société Joyzk
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