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The exposed screws for the perfect proportion.
The essential switch that would inspire countless interiors.


Bevelled edges.

Solid brass 3 mm plate.

Solid brass screws.

18 handmade finishings.

2 shapes: square or rectangular.

4 sizes: simple 84 x 84 mm, simple 75 x 125 mm (rectangular), double squarre 84 x 155mm, triple square 84 x 226mm.

Vertical or horizontal installation.

1 to 4 Push-Buttons per box.

Customization of buttons, mechanisms, engravings and finishings.

LED in option.

International standard sockets.

Buttons & Levers

Buttons and Push-buttons are available in 3 designs:

  • Small Square Button.
  • Large Square Button.
  • Small Round Button.

4 Shapes of levers are also available:

  • Water Drop.
  • Tube.
  • Cone.
  • Striated Cone.

handmade patinas and finishes available

LB Laiton Brossé

LM Laiton Miroir

OR Doré

LS Laiton Sablé

VO Vieil OR

BL Bronze Léger

BM Bronze Moyen

BZ Bronze Mat

BR Patine Noir

CF Canon de Fusil

NN Nickel Noir Miroir

NB Nickel Brossé

NM Nickel Miroir

NS Nickel Sablé

CH Chrome Miroir

AV Argent Vieilli

RO Cuivre Brossé

RV Cuivre Vieilli

Multiples Combinaisons

All buttons and levers are manufactured in solid brand and hand-finished in the same patina as the switch or socket plate.

HOPE - Combinaisons Multiples
KNX Technology


Directly KNX compatible*Many mechanisms available (USB, HDMI, RJ, thermostat, sensor, etc.)

Available options for automation:

  • Compatible with 3, 4 or 7-module boxes.
  • Push-Buttons in Ultra Low Voltage.
  • Push-Buttons with free dry contact (TBTS) KNX  compatible.
  • KNX interfaces available.
  • Ground wiring mandatory for 230V installation.
  • 3 Functions available (PB 10A/230V, two-way  switch 16A/230V & motorized blind 10A/230V).
  • 3 Position Switches & Push-buttons for motorized blinds.
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